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TXT4Coffee is the 'etoll' for coffee, you simply top up your account, and payments are made to the shop automatically when you order a coffee.

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TXT4Coffee is an easy to use coffee ordering and payment system. You can order using any SMS-capable phone, or your iPhone using the app, or from the comfort of your desk using the webpage.

Start odering and jump the queue

You have access on the website and your iPhone app to search for your favourite or closest coffee shop. Using address, shop name, or phone GPS you can quickly find a coffee shop and place an order.

Monday, July 16, 2012

WeekendNotes - TXT4Coffee

TXT4Coffee - Coffee Ordering & Payment System

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Published July 12th 2012
Attention all coffee drinkers - I've found it now. The easiest, most painless, and certainly most convenient way to grab a coffee quickly -

I first noticed this website promoted at one of my local cafes, as I was queuing up and waiting for my coffee, which I now realise, was totally unnecessary and anarchic, especially as I was in a rush and the babies were not happy to be kept waiting. txt4coffee is a site or app on your iPad, PC or any sort of phone that allows you to search for your nearest cafe, send through your order and pay for it. Which means that the hardest thing for you left to do is to open the car door once you arrive at your coffee destination of choice.

Fathers to small children of their own, business partners Daniel Filmer and Jarrod O'Connell started the txt4coffee venture for exactly the same reason that it is becoming so popular. Working in Brisbane city during the week, they had to battle lengthy queues and waiting times to fulfil their caffeine addiction, where most cafes wouldn't let you even phone orders through. And then on weekends would have to drag the kids out of the car in order to just grab a quick coffee. Hence txt4coffee was born, which allowed customers to SMS orders through to selected cafes. After working closely with small coffee shops and cafe owners, Daniel and Jarrod developed the concept further to allow customers to place their order online or through the app and pay for it. This means that effectively there is no waiting time - you jump the queue - jumping in front of people who haven't yet found out the convenience of this site and app. And unbelievably, the app and online site are all free.

Takeaway coffee RevolutionWith 6000 customers and 250 cafes working with them around Australia, it means that you'll have plenty of choice when it comes to your coffee and location, with many more coffee shops set to come come on board.

Daniel says that small business is always challenging and that they are always learning, often as they go. They look for lots of engagement through social media to get feedback from customers and cafe owners about their experiences and have worked carefully with both to ensure that the experience for all stays a very positive one. One idea that is about to roll out, is an ambassador program where customers get rewarded for referring new shops or new friends.

Believe me, there is little more than being able to bypass a long queue, walk to the counter and grab your coffee. This is a must-have for any coffee addict.

Monday, April 9, 2012

TXT4Coffee's Cafe of the Month!

Congratulations to Momoko and her team at Moore and Moore Cafe on becoming TXT4Coffee's first Cafe of the Month.
Moore and Moore Cafe have only recently joined the TXT4Coffee revolution but already they have had records stats with their progress! Moore and Moore cafe is located in Fremantle, Western Australia. With loyal customers who like fast and good customer service, not to mention good coffee, TXT4Coffee was the perfect product for their customer demand.
We were able to get a quick insight into how Moore and Moore Cafe have done so well in such a short period of time; here are her tips:
  • E-newsletters
  • Facebook postings (feeded to Twitter, then Urbanspoon, Foursquare and so on)
  • Created a Facebook tab (app) that includes the video and link to the FAQs page on your website
  • Respond the app-related enquiries posted on FB immediately
  • Hand out the flyers directly to those customers who are queuing
  • Serve TXT4COFFEE orders prior to other orders (this may not be fair but we have been doing because there is no '15min' wait button...).
  • App is always on throughout the day. 
  • Talk to the users asking for feedback; ie. how using the app has made their life easier, any troubles they have...etc
  • Tell my friends
These Tips have made TXT4Coffee go so well in Moore and Moore Cafe and we believe they will do the same for your cafes.
Again congratulations Momoko on becoming the first Cafe of the Month with TXT4Coffee and thank you for sharing your helpful tips with us. For further information on Moore and Moore cafe visit their website

Wednesday, March 14, 2012



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